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Reopen safely - download our SMB future-proof guide

Reopen safely with our future-proof small business guide

Ready to reopen? Come out strong with these 3 essential steps. Download the checklist and bring customers back to your store.

  • Safety first! Get a plan to keep staff and customers safe
  • Contactless is King! Get free, next-generation contactless smart equipment
  • Every dollar counts! Keep more on every sale you make

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Your Future-Proof Business Plan

Things have changed, and with those changes come necessary adaptations. Take this opportunity to evolve your business, and you’ll create a plan that not only helps your business stage its comeback, but thrive in this new environment.

Hit the ground running in 3 steps:

Safe Environment

1. Create a Sekure and Safe Environment

And then make sure you tell your customers what you’re doing to keep them safe.

Contactless POS transactions

2. Make Every Transaction Contactless

Give your customers peace of mind* by providing a hands-off shopping experience.

Fight rising processing costs

3. Protect Your Business from Rising Rates

Curb those expensive processing costs that dig into your bottom line every month.


* Nearly two-thirds (63%) of US consumers would switch to a new store that offers contactless payments, according to a global survey by Visa Inc. In fact, nearly half (48%) of consumers will no longer shop at a store that only offers payment methods that require contact with a cashier or shared machine like a card reader.

Small Business Reopening Checklist

When creating a plan to future-proof your business, there are many factors to think about ... but none are more important than safety.

Our checklist takes the most relevant factors into account so you can create a well-thought-out, future-proof plan that fits your needs.

  • Keeping employees and customers safe
  • Finding ways to save money
  • Communicating effectively
  • Preparing for challenges
  • Staying informed

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Small Business Reopening Guide

That said, there’s still a lot to consider. For expert advice about creating a future-proof reopening plan for your business, contact a Sekure ETA certified payment professional.

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Sekure Can Help You Take the Next Step

We’re giving merchants FREE mobile and contactless equipment.

In the interest of limiting physical contact, we will ship a 3-in-1 Card Reader, Smart Mini, Smart Terminal, Smart Flex or Smart POS+ to your business right away – with no leasing, rental or shipping fees.

Mobile devices are perfect for curbside pickup or delivery. Customers can tap to pay with NFC contactless payments, eliminating the need to physically touch the terminal or reader. The smooth glass and acrylic surfaces are easy to disinfect and keep clean.

We’ll help you save up to 100% on your processing costs.

Saving money is more important than ever. We can help you set up an innovative new program called The Edge so you keep more on your credit card transactions, curbing expensive processing costs and giving you the power to protect your business from rising merchant processing rates.

We’ll provide you with signage that tells customers they have a choice of how to pay. Then, when they tap, swipe, or dip as usual to complete their purchase, our Smart Terminals automatically calculate the charged amount based on the method of payment, simplifying receipts for you and your customers.

It’s a simple way to save your business a significant amount every month.

We’ll help you take orders online and over the phone.

We’re working hard to set up online solutions for our merchants that are ideal for card-not-present transactions via virtual terminals and email invoicing.

Virtual terminals allow you to take orders online or over the phone and process payments anywhere you have an internet connection, including your smartphone, tablet or computer. Merchants can also invoice their customers directly by email, so you can get paid directly without the need of a shopping cart or website.

You’ll be able to key in and get approval for transactions before the order is even started, eliminating surprise declines. And you can store your customers’ information to actively reach out to them now and when business picks up again.

We’ll help you transition to an e-commerce solution.

If you’re looking for a more robust e-commerce solution, we can help you there, too. Researching and selecting a payment gateway can be a difficult task. Setting it up correctly can take hours. We’ll guide you through selecting the right shopping cart and the best gateway for your needs. Then we’ll handle the setup.

We have also established a special offer for our customers. We can help you set up your account and get top-of-the-line security at a fraction of the cost.

We’ll help you shift toward curbside pickup and delivery.

Sekure wants to help you adapt to your customers’ preferences and restaurant’s needs. We’re therefore devoting our resources to helping you increase your mobile or virtual payment acceptance without the worry of shipping, leasing or rental fees. We’re working to help keep you and your customers healthy in any we can.

Mobile devices are perfect for curbside pickup or delivery. Customers can tap to pay with NFC contactless payments, eliminating the need to physically touch the terminal or reader. The smooth glass and acrylic surfaces are easy to disinfect and keep clean. We’re offering merchants a free 3-in-1 Reader, Smart Terminal, Smart Flex or Smart POS at no charge.

Virtual Terminals are ideal for card-not-present transactions. You can process orders and accept payments over the phone or online, anywhere you have an internet connection. No website or shopping cart needed. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer, or one of our devices. Simply email your invoice to get paid in a click.

We’ll help you set up a gift card program.

Selling Gift Cards right from your website is a great way to generate revenue during downtimes. If you already have a gift card program, we can help you make them available online or get the word out to customers. If you don’t already have a gift card program, we can help you get one setup quickly and affordably.

We can also help you set up Digital Gift Cards, which can be branded and emailed directly to the recipient or purchaser. These electronic cards are exactly the same as physical cards, except they produce zero waste. With digital gift cards, you don’t have to buy your cards upfront, there’s no minimum order of card stocks and no inventory to track. It’s literally pay as you sell.


It’s not just time to reopen - it’s time to evolve.

We’re committed to helping you transition as painlessly as possible. Thankfully, it couldn’t be easier.
We’ll even set you up with contactless, smart equipment absolutely free - a value of up to $949.95!

  • FREE mobile, contactless Smart equipment
  • FREE virtual terminal for phone orders and email invoicing
  • No monthly or annual costs, no PCI compliance fees
  • FREE next day funding
  • Save up to 100% on processing - put thousands back in your pocket!


Let’s get you back to business.
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We’re on standby to take your questions about this free assistance program. We can offer advice on choosing the right contactless device or rate program for your business based on your specific requirements.

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