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Ingenico Troubleshooting

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How to fix your Ingenico

Many Ingenico terminals are reaching the end of their lives. If you still have one, here are the most common fixes to get it working again:

Ingenico ICMP Troubleshooting
  1. Check to see if the Bluetooth is enabled in iOS. 
  2. Check to see if the device appears in 'My Devices'.
  3. If 'My Devices' shows the Ingenico, try tapping on Ingenico to reconnect the reader.
  4. If you can't connect, try to reboot the iCMP by holding the # and < yellow buttons.
  5. Still no luck? Forget the device from your iOS. 
  6. Try to pair the Ingenico again.
  7. If the PIN login pops up and doesn't stop, shut down your device and reboot it by holding the power button for 20 seconds.
  8. If you tried the steps above and the pairing continues to fail and displays the error message, contact support to confirm if a hardware replacement is required.
  9. If you see 'Welcome', touch the F button four times to start the pairing.
  10. Select 'Begin' if you see it on the screen.
  11. Select 'iOS' if you're given the choice of iOS or Standard.
  12. Scroll using the F2 and F3 keys to find your device's name in the list of detected devices, then select your device.
  13. Your PIN needs to be entered in a pop-up window on the iPad / device.
Ingenico Troubleshooting

If you are looking for Ingenico's Support phone number, call 1-800-435-3014.  

Terminal screen not lighting up - won't turn on

1. Unplug the power for your device and wait for 10 seconds. Try to reconnect after rebooting.
2. Ensure that all of the cables are connected and the battery pack is connected.
3. Ensure the phone line or internet connection is working.

Terminal won’t process a payment - trouble connecting

1. Locate the punctuation button below the 9 key and locate the clear button. Hold them at the same time for 5 seconds until the device shuts off.
2. Power up the device by holding the enter button. 
3. Test the transaction again. If you see the Alert interruption message on the terminal, contact support.

Terminal not able to print

1. Ensure the paper roll is correctly installed and the cover of the roll compartment is closed.

Ingenico Transaction Error Codes

Failure On All Coms 

1. Select # and the yellow button at the same time to reboot the terminal.
2. If you can't reboot, just unplug the device from the power supply.
3. Ensure the terminal communications properties are set correctly.

IWL220 Put on Base Error

  • Shut off the device by selecting the # and yellow key at the same time to restart the terminal. Make sure to remove the device from the base. Unplug power, leave power off for 10 seconds and then plug the power back in. Try running a test transaction.
  • Put the Ingenico on the base. Check the time and date - are they correct? If not, take the battery out for over 20 seconds and test again.
  • Remove the base: select #, 3, 2 Comm, 4 Bluetooth, 4 Delete bases. Then press cancel to go back to the main screen. Press #, 3, 2 Bluetooth 4, 1 New base. Then put the Ingenico terminal back on base. Press # and Yellow together to restart.

Pin Pad Not Ready

  • If you see this error, your processing terminal just needs to be power-cycled (turned on and off).

General Error Code Glossary

The following excerpt is from Ingenico ePayments :

"In general, error codes starting with:

  • 2: mean the status is "uncertain". This will usually evolve to a final status.
  • 3: mean the transaction is declined by the acquirer or blocked by the Fraud detection module.
  • 4: mean the transaction is declined. It could be only a temporary technical problem. Please retry a little bit later.
  • 5: mean a validation/configuration error (e.g. currency not allowed on your account).

For a list of all possible error codes and messages, please log on to your Ingenico ePayments account and check the 'List of the payment statuses and error codes' in the 'Selected user guides' section of the Support menu."

Ingenico Transaction Status Codes

The following excerpt is from Ingenico ePayments:

"Statuses with one digit are the most common statuses.

  • 0: The transaction was not completed, because it was interrupted or because of a validation error. In case of a validation error, usually an additional error code (*) (NCERROR) identifies the error.
  • 1: The transaction was canceled by the customer / buyer.
  • 2: The acquirer did not authorize the payment.
  • 5: The acquirer authorized the payment. You should confirm these transactions to complete the payment, or delete the authorization if you wish to cancel the order.
  • 9: The payment was captured. Usually, with this status, you may expect the money on your account.

Statuses with two digits represent either ‘intermediary' situations or abnormal events. When the second digit is:

  • 1: this means the payment processing is on hold. (e.g. status 91: payment waiting/pending)
  • 2: this means an error occurred during the communication with the acquirer. The result is therefore not determined. You must contact the acquirer's help desk to find out the actual result of this transaction.
  • 3: this means the payment processing (capture or cancellation) was refused by the acquirer while the payment had been authorized beforehand. It can be due to a technical error or to the expiration of the authorization. You must contact the acquirer's help desk to find out the actual result of this transaction."

For a list of all possible statuses, please visit Ingenico ePayments.

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