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Get your costs down and keep them down.

Every dollar counts! Edge puts your money back into your business, where it belongs.

Here’s how it works:

Put up your discount notices

1. Inform Customers

We provide signage to inform customers they have a choice of how to pay: one price for cash, one price for credit.

Accept Payments

2. Accept Payments

Your customers choose to pay by cash, or tap, swipe and dip as usual to complete their purchase by credit card.

Save money

3. Save Money

The POS device automatically calculates the charged amount based on the method of payment, simplifying receipts for you and your customers.

Pocket Incredible Savings

The Edge is a more efficient way to process credit card transactions, giving you the power you need to protect your business from rising merchant processing rates.

By implementing the Edge, you keep more on your credit card transactions, curbing those expensive processing costs that dig into your bottom line every month.

You’ll wish you found Edge sooner. It’s the best business decision you’ll make all year!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Edge program?

The Edge is an innovative new program that eliminates the never-ending cycle of rate negotiation once and for all, reducing the burden of processing costs without impacting your current sales volume. 

The Edge is similar to the “gas station model”: if you pay with cash, you pay one price, and if you pay by credit card you pay a different price. The credit card terminal handles all of the calculations for you, and you end up with the same amount in your bank account on all sales.

The Edge is available for all credit card types and transactions, including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. The Edge is a fully mobile payment solution, compatible with wireless terminals and POS systems.

How is the Edge different?

The Edge is not a surcharge or a cash discount program; it’s a price increase at the item level. But instead of applying this to all your customers, you only need to apply it to those who choose to pay by credit card. 

The Edge is automatic and transparent. We provide you with clear signage indicating that all items have two prices and that customers have the option to pay with cash and save. 

What’s more, there are no added fees. In fact, there are no basic monthly fees and no PCI compliance fees when using our free Payanywhere smart equipment. The same flat rate is applied to every transaction and the terminal automatically adjusts the price.

Just as the platform automatically calculates the item price, it also automatically calculates the sales / revenue increase, and collects the sales tax increase at the same time.

The Edge was built to support merchants in all 50 states and encourages them to follow the commerce and pricing laws in their specific state.

How much money could I save?

Business owners can save up to 100% of the money they usually spend on processing. Unlike similar strategies, there are no setup, monthly or maintenance costs with the Edge, and no equipment rentals or leasing costs.

Let’s compare the Edge versus Traditional processing.

Your customer brings a $10 item to your payment counter and wants to pay with credit.

With a Traditional credit card transaction, you, the merchant, will pay 1.5% – 3.99% in processing fees to the credit card company. This means you will probably only make around $9.60.

With an Edge credit card transaction, a 4% customer fee is charged to the customer per item and clearly added to the receipt. That means the fee was passed on to the customer, and you receive the full $10.

Your posted signage explains the program to your customers and they have the freedom to choose whether they pay with cash or credit. If they choose to pay with cash next time, they will only pay $10. Either way, you still make $10.

Whether your customer pays by cash or credit card, with the Edge program, your revenue will always be $10.

If you’d like to see a savings analysis tailored to your business, we’ll be happy to provide one. Live Chat or Call our experts toll-free at 1-800-908-5917.

What about my customers?

The Edge is a win-win, because it gives your customers a choice of how they want to pay. With the Edge, if they choose to pay with cash, they receive lower pricing than someone who pays by credit card. 

That said, you’re in total control. You always have the option to turn it on and off at your discretion. The choice ALWAYS remains with you, the merchant.

How do I get started?

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